WAY to Start (all ages)

Welcome to The WAY. We understand you may not know anything about fencing.  We recognize that parents as much as students will need an education.  We are here to help every step of the WAY.

To start we recommend taking two private lessons and then go from there.  Slow and steady wins the "race" but we also recognize that you may be looking for more right away.  In that case we have a fast track option that includes three private lessons and group classes.  

Our approach believes strongly in the value of studying fencing 1 on 1 with a professional coach and honing skills through positive reinforcement during in group environments.  Our mission is to provide you with every possible opportunity success and personal growth.  Regardless of age, students start learning at WAY with a series of private 1 on 1 lessons prior to enrolling in the academy and group classes.  

Every child is different and our approach meets kids where they are.  We do NOT "plug and play" kids into a group class here.We want you to be happy of course but we also know that results are obtained from studying and training.  As such with each private lesson, students learn technical skills and tactical skills. Depending on what they know they will participate in group classes appropriately.  For example... at first you may only do footwork and balance drills, but the following week add on blade work etc.  With each passing private lesson means greater understanding and ability to go deeper.

Lessons include:
Introduction to the foil (blade) safety
Fencing etiquette basics
The grip
The salute, why, when, and how
The on guarde in sixte position
Balanced footwork (advance and retreat)
The target area in foil
The arm extension
The basic advancing attack
The Lunge - Hitting - Direct Attack
Simple Parry with Direct Riposte
Simple Parry with Direct first Counter-Riposte

 Lessons are offered at your convenience once or twice a week.  At each stage of learning, coaches will assess and make recommendations for possible advancement to the academy and enrollment in core classes. There is no obligation to join the academy until both coach and parents agree it is time to add group core classes, elective classes, and open fencing to the student's curriculum. A slow and steady approach is often the best for young aspiring swordsman. Start by booking your first lessons or come in for a tour and meet the coaches.


Not ready to book your first lessons? Why not come in and take a tour, meet the coaches, and learn about The WAY first hand. 

You got this!

Located in downtown Ridgefield across from Veteran Park Elementary School

21 Governor Steet Ridgefield, CT 06877 

Info@wayofthesword.org  (203) 529-1320