Two locations:  

1) 21 Governor Steet Ridgefield, CT 06877 -  11k sq. ft in the heart of Ridgefield

2) 260 Jay Street Katonah NY  - The Harvey School Gym

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Find your WAY?

Fencing is a "game of physical chess." To shape our athletes we teach fencing like a STAR 

Study: Study 1:1. One qualified coach to one student fencer. Through private lessons, you master the nuances of this Olympic sport. 

Train: Train together in group lessons that reinforce instruction, keeps you in top physical condition and mentally prepares you for fencing tournaments.

Apply: Apply what you learn from private instruction and group lessons by competing in tournaments. Emerge stronger, smarter, and better prepared for your next event.  Coaches use tournaments to assess skill levels and refine instruction. 

Repeat: Repeat the process. It takes perseverance and commitment to the sport of fencing to see improvement. Make time for practices and keep to a schedule. Communicate with your coach about your goals and how you are going to achieve them. WAY is here for you; to see you through your struggles and to congratulate you on your victories. 

"pointy" things is what we do: 

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Way of the Sword Ridgefieldlease has been finalized and construction is almost done. We open our doors January 2017.  Everything is looking good. It's been a very long process and your patience will be rewarded with an outstanding facility and dedicated coaching staff second to none.  Nine professional Olympic strips await you.  

Fencing programs are in full swing at WAY Katonah location.  We are open three days a week. Tuesdays, Thursdays. 5-7 and Saturdays 10-2. Beginner program hours have changed on Saturday to start at 11 am to 12 pm.Register today. 

Way of the Sword is a USFA sanctioned fencing club dedicated to promoting this Olympic sport. From recreational swordsman to the serious competitor, we can satisfy all your dueling needs.  Ages 5 to 85.



Corporate training and team building by Way of the Sword with 3x Olympian and Hall of Fame inductee.  Learn how we creates a high level of engagement, 

participation, and pull-through for your next work session or corporate outing. 

Coming soon...train like an Olympian.  This unique program is like nothing you have experienced before. Training in both low and high impact available. Private one-on-one or group sessions to meet every goal. 

WAY Katonah 

Beginner to Intermediate level fencing programs

Dear Parents,

Thank you for your continued interest in Way of the Sword Fencing. Our mission is to develop confidence in our members as we promote healthy living and good citizenship. Students will learn self-control, be autonomous, take responsibility and develop social skills. With each passing stage of adolescent development, the Way program(s) will challenge them and support them to become stronger more resilient young adults. Olympic sports such as fencing and archery is hard, fun work. These sports teaches the value of perseverance.

Fencing is complicated. Students have to learn the technical skills while understanding the scoring rules of the sport. Fencing can be considered a "physical chess". Your child needs to learn how to make a move but also why that move matters. Fencing teaches good decision making.

Way of the Sword uses the S.T.A.R. approach for fostering fencing as a sport for life. 

STUDY - students receive individualized instruction from a professional coach.

TRAIN - students learn drills in groups and condition for tournaments

APPLY - students may register for tournaments where they apply their learning 

REPEAT - students return to group lessons and individualized instruction where their learning is assessed and instruction is revised. Repetition, regardless of frequency or tournament results, reinforces the value of perseverance. Students learn the value of dedication and hard work.

Through the STAR approach, WAY students become unique among their peers. These are young people learning how to become responsible and ethical young adults and they achieve this goal through the sport of fencing. When your child is ready to submit college applications it will be their fencing experience that will distinguish them.

Way of the Sword Fencing Academy is dedicated to the physical, emotional and well-being of its young athletes creating positive attitudes and fostering life-long learning. Visit for your "daily duel."

We will be opening our new Academy in Ridgefield CT starting
January, 2017. Programs for beginners to advanced seasoned competitors will be available along with unlimited open fencing. Want to know more? Call or write Coach Mike at 203 529 1320

X fit Spartan




Coming soon ...regulation indoor archery. Ranges, lessons, professional coaching, and more..



WAY Ridgefield - under construction as of Nov. 10

State of the art Team USA Fencing and Archery coming soon.  (203) 529-1320